How Esemel has helped others already

Esemel has already helped a wide range of organisations (including ones very much like yours!) to gain maximum value from their untapped knowledge. See what some of them had to say about what Esemel did for them.

friendlypak“Over time businesses develop systems, methodology and networks of contacts; this is an important part of their overall IP (Intellectual Property). It is usually hard won and businesses often undervalue its importance. If this IP was to be documented it can form a significant part of the value of a business. I did attempt to do this on a number of occasions but like any fast growing business there is never enough time. Esemel specialize in capturing this IP and made the process painless, they put together a procedures manual for Friendlypak through interviews with staff members and myself.

The manual has also helped Friendlypak through a period of rapid growth, enabling two new staff to pick up their roles with the minimum of fuss. After they read the manual, their induction and training became a nonevent; they had hardly any questions of our staff members or myself, the manual provided documented procedures without the need for training with every task.

The manual has been a great investment, both in the business and in my staff. I am impressed with the professionalism of Esemel and the quality of the documentation. I would certainly recommend Esemel to other businesses wanting to capture their Intellectual Property.” – Kevin Graham, Managing Director

“Confidential, honest and accurate.” – Latu Leauga, Managing Director, Challenge Cleaning Limited

spraytanz“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Linda to create our company’s procedure manual called: ‘How we do things round here’. A mighty document covering 301 pages of all our working processes. I particularly liked the flexible approach Linda took to working with me. As a business owner my knowledge of the business was greater than hers was, but I had to bow down to her knowledge and experience on how to create order and structure out of the chaos that was my business. The final result was a result of using both our skills and expertise together. Following our early discussions Linda created a structure to our business which then enabled me to create the manual in an ordered easy to follow fashion. As her formatting skills are second to none, she was able to create a set of formatting styles in the document that made the whole process so much easier. I now have a clearly defined, well structured procedure manual with everything in its place. It’s simple to refer to as it’s broken down into the 8 sections that Linda created to make it easier relate to the functional roles of the business. And to top it all, she finished it off by creating a fabulous folder to hold the material that matches the branding of our organisation. My thanks to you Linda, you have increased the value of our company ten-fold in so many ways..” – Lori, Spraytanz

macleans_college“Esemel are very thorough and professional. They have the ability to interview staff and capture the invaluable expertise they have brought to their portfolios, for the benefit of their successors and the school.” – Byron Bentley, Principal, Macleans College

shine“Shine* contracted Esemel to develop manuals for managers and services. Linda and Veronica conducted detailed in-depth interviews with each individual and developed a draft outlining the essential features of each role, and the “how to” descriptions for each task. The draft was then revised a number of times until we felt as though it captured all facets of the position or service.

This process was thoroughly enjoyable and interesting, and helped us to clarify roles and responsibilities and services in a way that is accessible to any new staff members needing to learn how their service functions. Linda and Veronica are highly skilled at capturing the essentials and documenting them in a clear concise format. They understand that people have different ways of learning so they use flowcharts and narrative descriptions in order to suit all users.

We now feel “future proofed” if one of our management team is incapacitated for any reason, because the manuals clearly outline priorities, actions, tasks and plans. The services manuals are essential reference material for services staff and are also excellent training tools for new team members.” – Jill Proudfoot, Client Services Director, Shine*

auckland-wide“Very proactive and helpful, a pleasure to work with.” – Melanie Llewelyn, Office Manager, Auckland Wide Electrical

water-polo“Linda, on behalf of the Waitakere City Water Polo Committee, I would like to thank you for producing our 2008 Manager’s manual. It is an outstanding document that clearly outlines all the duties of the team manager. Not only does it include official forms and useful templates to be used throughout the season, it also has many practical ideas that help to make the manager’s job easier.

All feedback from managers has been extremely positive. To coin a phrase, it has meant that we are all ‘dancing to the same tune’ and furthermore the information and resources contained within the manual have made our managers feel well supported. With the manager’s manual in operation we look forward to a very well organized, hitch-free season of water polo. Thank you again.” – Jan Llewell, Waitakere City Water Polo Committee